We are Maikii.

Hello, we are Maikii

With a turnover of over $15 million in 2017, a new operating office in California, and a production site in China, Maikii can officially claim its place as a powerful international player in the consumer electronics sector.

The office in California manages logistics and product sales in the U.S. market, while the team at Maikii Treviso is in charge of product design, sales, logistics, administrative assistance, graphic design, and marketing. The office in China, with over 60 employees, is in charge of sales in Asia, supplier operations, purchase negotiation, production supervision, and product quality certification against the highest set of international regulation standards.

30 is the magic number

The team behind Maikii is young and dynamic – in our case, it’s no cliché!

The staff is made up of 50 people distributed between San Francisco, Treviso, and Shenzhen.

We are graphic designers, product developers, web developers, sales reps and marketers. The average company age is below 30. Everyone at Maikii is essential and contributes to the company’s results and success.

Maikii believes in people.

We know our customers and our distributors. We strive to meet our clients’ every requirement, expectation, and desire by means of our team’s innovative skills and creativity.

We pay special attention to quality and detail in the creation of our products in order to launch merchandise that make us proud worldwide.

We are a creative team,
a perfect combination of
different and complementary skills

Look Beyond

Safety and warranty

All products distributed by Maikii comply with international safety standards and with the standard regulations for quality of materials, guarantee of purchase, and final user warranty.

CE, FCC,REACH, RoHS and EN71 are among the certifications and regulations to which our products comply.

Research and development: our driving force

Maikii grows because we constantly review and refresh our products and services to provide you with innovative solutions that combine both aesthetics and practicality.