Tell me what color you desire,
and I’ll tell you who you are.


All items available in the catalogue are customizable. First choose the body color that best suits your logo and best represents your company’s identity, and then decide on the customization technique.
Each model in the catalogue is available in different colors, which are specified beside each product. The sample colors are standard colors and may vary from model to model, depending on the material used to create the product, whether smooth or rubbery plastic, metal, silicon, and so on.

Colors by Pantone

Only standard colors are indicated on the website and in the pricelist, but the majority of models can be customized with Pantone colors as well, thus increasing the range of possible combinations. If your corporate color is not included in the standard colors offered, you can choose a Pantone shade and our Sales Office will help you select the right one. You can therefore be sure that the result will be a product in the exact color you are expecting. The minimum cost for this service, which is not available for all models, varies per item; check that the product sheet includes the “pantone” symbol.