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USB flash drive in matt finish metal, available in gold or silver color. At one end of the flash drive, there is a memory chip housed inside the body, whereas at the other end there is a large functional round hole for threading cords and accessories. The Bullet USB flash drive is extremely compact in size, with a striking yet simple style. The body can be customized using laser engraving.

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Front Customization
Laser Engraving.

Back Customization
Laser Engraving.

1.5 × 0.5 in

Print Area
1.4 × 0.4 + 1.4 × 0.4 in



Free, standard packaging available for all our products: a transparent plastic bag with a zip lock available in various sizes according to the model.

Window Box M

Rectangular silver cardboard box with a transparent window. Available in three different sizes. Shape and graphic design can be customized (refer to the “Custom Window Box” package).

Window Box M,
Custom Window box

Square cardboard box with customizable colours and sizes. A transparent window showcases the full product. You have the option to place the flash drive on a thermoformed support or left loose inside the box.

Custom Window box,
White Box

Semi-rigid, rectangular cardboard packaging, ideal for small to medium sized USB flash drives. The product is loose inside the box.

White Box,
Plastic Case

Transparent plastic package with a magnetic closure. The flash drive is placed in a white sponge that is molded according to the shape of the selected product.

Plastic Case,
Plastic Pipe

Transparent plastic packaging suitable for all standard USB flash drives. Since the surface is transparent, the product remains visible but is protected from scratches and impact.

Plastic Pipe,
Black Gift Box Mini

Small, square, rigid, black cardboard casing with pullout opening. The USB flash drive rests on an internal cardboard support and is held in place with two elastic bands. Customisable with your logo in white or silver.

Black Gift Box Mini,
Tin Box Round

Round metal package equipped with a closing cover and transparent window that displays the product. The flash drive is placed on a sponge molded according to the shape of the product. Tin Box can be customized with up to 3 colors in silk-screen printing

Tin Box Round.

Digital Services

Erasable Data

This makes it possible to preload any type of data or file to the memory so the user can erase data once they have been accessed and thus free up and easily use memory space. Compatible with Windows and Macintosh.

Erasable Data,

This service allows you to assign a customized icon to the device that will be displayed instead of the standard icon, thus making your drive branded and recognizable. The requested format is .ico, however, we can assist you if you do not have your icon in this format. Service recommended together with Renaming. Compatible with Windows only.


This service allows you to assign a name to the flash drive. Upon inserting the device, it will be recognized with the selected name instead of as a generic volume, thus making it easier for the recipient to recognize your drive. The name can contain up to 11 characters. Compatible with Windows and Mac.


With the autorun function content opens automatically when the memory stick is connected to a computer. The autorun function can be used not only with power point presentations and films but also company websites. Service only compatible with Windows.

Non-erasable data

When loading non-erasable data, your files are inserted onto a partition of the chip, which is separate from the free memory so that it will not get erased even if reformatted. When the device is inserted into the computer, two icons will appear: one that is read-only and the other that is mass removable memory, which can be used freely. Any type of data or file is loadable. Compatible with Windows only.

Non-erasable data.


Product sheet

Technical drawings

Printable Area


Product sheet

Technical drawings

Printable Area


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Digital Services

  • Erasable Data
  • Icon
  • Renaming
  • Autorun
  • Non-erasable data

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Laser Laser Engraving
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